cpclib is a rust library that aims at helping to develop Amstrad CPC demos. Maybe it could be usefull for other z80 platform or even games. Most functionalities are still in beta state; I have only implemented the subset I need for my current Amstrad CPC demo projects. Several tools are provided in addition to library.

There are more are less able to do:

- assemble z80 source code.
   - Mainly interesting for auto-generated code, not for handcrafted one.
   - Not all opcodes are managed.
   - Functionalities not available in other assemblers:
      -  Injection of basic source code (WIP)
       - Function able to provided the opcode value of an instruction or its standard duration
- manipulate .sna files
   - Minimal support of chunks at the moment
- convert images to CPC format. Usable for standard resolutions/modes
- manipulate DSK (trying to mimick iDSK or dskmanager). Able to format and add files
- communicate with cpcwifi board
  -  Replication of xfer utility.
  -  Only reset and run file have been coded at the moment
  -  In opposite to the original xfer tool, cpclib one is able to start snapshots V3 (there are simply converted as snapshot v2 on the fly)
- create basic tokens from basic source (WIP)